Raw notes from the JAMStack 2018 conference in SF. I typed those on my phone so they're not pretty and they might not make sense at times, but I'll go over them in the next few days to make sure the takeaways are clear and concise. Comments are open if you'd like to contribute!


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Agency day Q&A takeaways

→ When you hand something off to a client, you usually also hand off a piece of infrastructure that they have to maintain (for instance, with WordPress comes a set of plugins that can become outdated and a database that has to be maintained). With JAMstack, we are able to deliver a pre-rendered application that will not break. While the dependencies might become outdated (which means that a local dev environment could break after a while), the website or app will still work for a long time because it's "just" CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

→ The API ecosystem/economy is the future because companies can't afford or don't want to build all the services they need to function. For example, for an e-commerce startup, it makes no sense for to develop a shopping cart system, an online payment system, a user authentication/management system, etc. It's much smarter to use the services of companies that specialize in that functionality because that's their job. Additionally, if a service goes out of business, it's less painful to switch to something new with the API-based approach. This reduces the risk of tech decisions drastically because we're decoupling all the services.

→ When convincing stakeholders, there's a misconception that an expensive service/tech is more trustworthy. People pay millions of dollars for some content management systems but hesitate to use Contentful because it's so cheap.